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Budget Monitoring and Learning Review: Engaging Policy Makers in Agricultural Advocacy in Tanzania

The agriculture sector has received little attention from the African governments as reflected in the budget allocation, albeit its importance in the fight against poverty and for economic transformation. To reverse the trend, African governments made a pledge to earmark at least 10% of their budget to agriculture sector—often dubbed as Malabo Declaration.

Agricultural Strategy Development in West Africa: The False Promise of Participation?

Participatory processes in policy making have been touted as critical for designing and promoting agricultural strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa. But such approaches have been criticized as not being inclusive enough or having limited scope. This case examines why some participatory approaches to agricultural research and policy have yielded little or no tangible results and discusses a range of measures to overcome this conundrum.

Rural innovation systems and networks: Findings from a study of Ethiopian smallholders

With agriculture in Ethiopia increasingly characterized by new policies, actors, and relationships that influence how smallholder famers access and use information and knowledge, it is critical to understand how best to support farmers access and build networks with such actors thus providing them with greater opportunities to promote pro-poor processes of rural innovation.

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