Search for cases of successful and innovative efforts that strengthen linkages between policy design and small-holder interests in different areas across the agriculture value chain.

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Productive inclusion of smallholder farmers in Brazil’s biodiesel value chain: Programme design, institutional incentives and stakeholder constraints

This case study analyzes a programme that was designed to promote the integration of Brazilian small farmers into a productive biodiesel value chain managed by Petrobras Biofuels, an oil producer. If successful, this policy would act as a sustainable rural economic development tool for poor regions in Brazil and a counterpoint to large industrial farms that help perpetuate rural inequality.

Rural innovation systems and networks: Findings from a study of Ethiopian smallholders

With agriculture in Ethiopia increasingly characterized by new policies, actors, and relationships that influence how smallholder famers access and use information and knowledge, it is critical to understand how best to support farmers access and build networks with such actors thus providing them with greater opportunities to promote pro-poor processes of rural innovation.

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