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Agricultural Strategy Development in West Africa: The False Promise of Participation?

Participatory processes in policy making have been touted as critical for designing and promoting agricultural strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa. But such approaches have been criticized as not being inclusive enough or having limited scope. This case examines why some participatory approaches to agricultural research and policy have yielded little or no tangible results and discusses a range of measures to overcome this conundrum.

Making “minority voices” heard in transnational roundtables: The role of local NGOs in reintroducing justice and attachments

Roundtables have been adopted since the beginning of the millennium by Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other institutions to promote inclusion. Representatives of the World Wildlife Fund in 2003, launched multi-stakeholder initiatives, and one of the first of these was the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to define sustainable agricultural practices in Indonesia.

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